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pure desmond - "Four of a kind" (2003)


 1. any other time(P. Desmond) 4.47
 2. a taste of honey (B. Scott) 5.10
 3. bossa antigua (P. Desmond) 4.47
 4. ligia (A. C. Jobim, arr. J. Weiß) 5.16
 5. everything happens to me (M. Dennis) 6.38
 6. samba de orfeu (L. Bonfa) 2.15
 7. wendy* (P. Desmond) 7.03
 8. embarcadero* (P. Desmond) 4.14
 9. in the wee small hours of the morning (D. Mann) 4.38
10. never can say goodbye (C. Jackson, arr. J. Weiß) 4.27

recorded live at the Cuabar,
nov. 2003 by Sascha Franck
except * recorded at The Living Room,
dec. 2003 by Gunter Papperitz
mixed and mastered by Johann Weiß and Christof Littmann at Hitman Prod.
photography by Dorota Sliwonik
artwork by Daniel Bochow (fresh-club.de)
produced by pure desmond